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The ZivugTech Journey (So Far)

An acquaintance of Ralph Lasry (then programmer, now COO of bitbean.com) sent Lasry’s shidduch resume to a group of shadchanim, and within 2 days he received 40 relevant resume suggestions. Lasry decided, “Why not create an infrastructure for shidduch resumes?"

Launch ZivugTech is launched in its most basic form (i.e., spreadsheets, chat groups)

Lasry teams up with Bitbean (formerly 1on1 Development) and got to work on a software program to turn his idea into a sophisticated reality. “I had gone to school as a programmer, and had actually returned to yeshiva afterward, but I had this computer training and I decided to turn this concept into a platform.”

Lasry performed market research to understand the issues the software should address. “I talked to hundreds and hundreds of singles and shadchanim, literally for hours on end, gathering data about what they do and what they don’t do. What we came out with at the end was that the number one thing shadchanim needed was the ability to search through resumes in a clear, organized fashion.”

Nonprofit ZivugTech is established as a nonprofit offering software that will always be free!

Phase 1 ZivugTech 1 is born

ZivugTech is featured in Mishpacha magazine and gains a reputation as more than just a software database - it’s a shidduch system revolution. “ZivugTech is the software, but on the side, I created an organization; my own network of shadchanim, along with a database of resumes. Currently, we have about 300 shadchanim and thousands of resumes. I put together this group and they’re making shidduchim left and right.”

ZivugTech is taken on by Bitbean’s growing team of over 30 developers, and ZivugTech Version 2 is underway. The new system will not just ease the use for existing shadchanim, but broaden the shadchan base as a whole to include the general population.

Phase 2 ZivugTech 2 launches in BETA. Mobile apps coming soon.

Noah Isaacs joins as National Director to help us continue improve our site and its outreach.


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